This has been an exciting and rewarding year as the President of the Greater Metro West Association of Realtors. Our Association has just set a record with 474 Realtors, and 104 Affiliate members. I hope you will use Bourquin Realty for all of your real estate needs, but with 474 Realtors in our Association, you do have several options to consider. We have a quality group of Realtors in our Association that can handle everyone in need of some real estate help.Being the President has enabled me to see behind the scenes of the great effort that many Realtors put into our profession. I have also been able to work side by side with many of the members, and know they can do you a great job. Please contact Bourquin Realty for any help we may be able to offer, or contact our Association's office for any extra help or questions you may have. With this many agents and affiliates our Association has grown to three full time office staff professionals that are willing to help our members or the general public.