I had an Ag breakfast meeting, and it is held once a month. The program today was about some history of large ranches in Palo Pinto County, the Superintendent of the new Palo Pinto Mountains State Park gave an update, and a biologist of Texas Parks and Wildlife told about what they are doing in the county with State Land. The first phase of the development of the Park will include some RV hookups, trails, horse areas with trailer hookups, peers for fishing in the 91 acre lake, camp sites, restrooms, picnic areas, a large covered pavilion, and headquarters. There will be a very important vote in November where the general public will decide to have the money for the tax on sporting goods all go to State Parks, or the State divide up the tax as they want. This has been on record for many years for the money to go to State Parks, but for some reason more than half the money has been going into the general fund. State Parks help bring money into the community, and is not an agency that tries to make money. This is an agency that tries to supply the needs of all of the people that enjoy the outdoors. Please vote on this important issue. 

There are different programs every month dealing with agriculture and the County, so I encourage people to attend. Great informative program today.