Have you ever thought about buying a lake house?

If you are entertaining the idea, we would like to invite you to Palo Pinto County to experience what is available at our two different lakes, Possum Kingdom and Palo Pinto Resevoir.

Possum Kingdom Lake (popularly known as "PK") is the larger of the two with the Brazos River as its inflow source and a max depth of 100 feet making the sports of boating, fishing, and paddle boarding easy.

Palo Pinto Reservoir (locally known as Lake Palo Pinto), offers the same exciting lake life style as PK but on a smaller scale and is closer in proximity to the Metroplex.

Follow your intuition and utilize our website in [area search] to discover that special place to create magical memories that will last a lifetime. Come jump off the dock, swim, fish, RELAX and ENJOY LIFE!